Thursday, 17 November 2011


KingBathmat are a powered up independent/psychedelic/progressive/alternative rock band, hailing from Hastings in England. Initially started by singer/songwriter John Bassett, KingBathmat have now independently released seven albums to date “Son of a Nun” (2003), “Crowning Glory” (2004), “Fantastic Freak Show Carnival”(2005), "Blue Sea, Black Heart" (2008), "Gravity Field" (2009), "Truth Button" (2012) and "Overcoming The Monster" (2013). The 4 piece band comprises of John Bassett (guitar,vocals), Rob Watts (bass) and Bernie Smirnoff (drums).

The musical style of KingBathmat is difficult to ascertain, pin down or pigeon hole and does not sit comfortably in any particular category of music. Often described in reviews as an amalgamation of numerous bands e.g. "the sound of Pink Floyd wrestling with Kasabian", "Black Sabbath cuddled by extravagant ELO harmonies". It is clear that a bewildering array of influences produce a sound on record that circumnavigates the gamut of genres that reside upon this musical sphere.

KingBathmat can resemble at times, a sonic expedition, a giddy aural excursion, visiting genres as diverse and contrary as the complex arrangements that inhabit "progressive rock" interlaced with the cutting vocal melodies of "classic pop" that then tear abruptly into an uncompromising sledgehammer heavy metal riff. A big old slice of distraction cake served with a buttercream filling of abstract and arcane lyrics on a bed of layered vocal harmonies that weave a centrally focused melodic core that lays a strong foundation under each and everyone of their musical emanations, leaving the listener to ponder "Is it an exquisite ornate Faberge Egg or a crumpled up papier mache ball encrusted in moomin juice?"

KingBathmat do not align themselves with convention, they have ditched the giblet hustlers and they endeavour to buck the trend and to not take themselves too seriously. For they do not look for, or court approval. KingBathmat are not beholding to a multi-national company, a debt, or a self proposed obligation. They do what they want.


  1. what was your intention to call yourselfes "Kingbathmat"?

  2. Queen Soap Dish sounded too ridiculous.

  3. Queen Soap Dish sounds really good, that was a missed opportunity

  4. I've just discovered KingBathmat and I adore your music, its on loop repeatedly in my house. I'm completely hooked. Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful creations that I look forward to immersing myself in for many years to come. You are my ideal... I look forward to your sister group QueenSoapDish.

    Yours overwhelmed by brilliance,
    Nismo Rebrot