Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Truth Button Available Now

It's the 6th day of the 6th month, 2012, and today sees the release of KingBathmat's 6th Album, which contains 6 songs.

Truth Button is now available as a digital download at http://kingbathmat.bandcamp.com/album/truth-button for £4.99

Included extras are 4 additional bonus tracks, CD artwork, lyrics and various posters and other artwork

Many thanks to all those who pre-ordered it.

"Truth Button" is the new album from KingBathmat. A collection of 6 tracks that fuse and cross-polinate the musical genres of Progressive Rock, Grunge, Psychedelia and Experimental Rock to concoct a vibrant intoxicating brew of complex, intricate melodies and heavy bludgeoning riffs all contained within a running time of approximately 50 minutes.

"Truth Button" deals with an underlying theme of technophobia and social disconnection due to the evergrowing trivial use of modern technology.
"Truth Button" calls for the advancement of technology to be employed to make the truth more transparent as opposed to it being exploited to confuse, convulute and restrict us. The press-button, a mechanical switch that engages us in a process, is a symbol of technology, we live amongst an ever increasing complex web of button pushing gizmo's and gadgets. These devices encourage us to interact with them for increasingly irrelevant reasons. Time absorbed by these inconsequential activities produced by these new technologies could be put to better use and it seems that these toys are deliberately created to distract us from events that unravel in the world today. Yet, if we had the choice of a "Truth Button", would we push it? Would we choose to address the ugly truth or alternatively, would we continue to live in ignorance within a beautiful illusion?

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