Monday, 21 January 2013

Truth Button CD Released Today

The CD Release of "Truth Button" is out TODAY!

Available in all good record shops, online retailers and digital stores, Amazon, itunes etc (direct links below). It is also available directly from KingBathmat bandcamp page at

Buy Truth Button at Amazon Uk, Amazon USA

KingBathmat in Prog Magazine

Kingbathmat have a track on the Cover CD of the new issue of Classic Rock Presents Prog magazine, which is out this Wednesday (Feb 23rd). The CD also features Steven Wilson and Riverside amongst others. It also features a review of "Truth Button", which I believe is very positive.
Prog Magazine

Help KingBathmat

If you've bought Truth Button and want to help KingBathmat enormously and elicit from us our everlasting love, please go to your local Amazon website and write a review! The more people that know about Truth Button the better!

KingBathmat Interviews

John from KingBathmat was recently engaged in two interviews discussing everything from the "Truth Button", "simulated realities", "the paranormal", "mediums who shoot lightning from their fingertips" and "losing his marbles".
Rocktologist KingBathmat Interview
Jerry Lucky KingBathmat Interview

New Reviews Of "Truth Button"

"Truth Button" has recieved some glorious press reviews of late and below are some quotes and links to the most recent ones.

"An album for those lovers of the bombastic variety a la Porcupine Tree and Black Sabbath’s intensity. Delusional, raw, uncensored and unvarnished truth in its most virulent and provocative shape." 5/5 ladyobscure

"These 6 songs will drag you down into their abyss of magical performance with meaning, as well as a great deal of talent: KingBathmat are definitely the band to be taken close notice of." rockbritain

"this will be the new big thing in prog land","this is already one of the most remarkable albums of this year. And possible already the best album of 2013 in the prog area" lordsofmetal

"Truth Button is released on 21st Jan and if you are a fan of the non Death metal version of Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Genesis, QOTSA, then KingBathmat will be right up your street. An essential purchase for 2013 and its still only January. Your fave prog band you've yet to hear!" Roomthirteen

"think Black Sabbath colliding with the pop sensibilities of a group like Jellyfish or ELO with the force of a cannon fired, tabasco-studded enchilada." wideningeye

"Musically “Truth Button” is highly original. Imaginative, reflective and full of quirky twists and turns, the net result is a delightful mixture of techniques and sounds from both a bygone and modern age of atmospheric progressive music." Avenoctum

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