Saturday, 13 December 2014

The new instrumental album Arcade Messiah is now live and you can hear and download the entire album in full on bandcamp at

There is also a CD available which comes in a 6 panel digipak design. Both the CD and Download are available exclusively on bandcamp. The digital download is available as a “free pay what you want” model as I find it increasingly difficult releasing something for a set price that does not physically exist in a tangible form, and I would rather leave the decision of what if any or how much to pay for a download up to you guys.

The track-list is as follows
1. Sun Exile (05:35)
2. Your Best Line Of Defence Is Obscurity (06:48)
3. Traumascope (05:23)
4. Aftermath (02:52)
5. Everybody Eating Everyone Else (8:00)
6. The Most Popular Form Of Escape (04:56)
7. Roman Resolution (08:50)

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